The DELSANTE DALMAZIO & C. S.R.L. factory was build in 1959 on the hills of Parma along the Parmossa and Parma rivers, about 8km from Langhirano(PARMA), and has always been run by the current owners. Delsante Dalmazio with the help of his son Rocco decided in the mid 90s to change their focus from dry-cured hams to niche deli-meats, characterised by top quality and mildness,but with the same family management.

- I prodotti - THE PRODUCTS -Tradition and quality Since 1959

- Granculattina - GRANCULATTINA

- Culatta Emilia - CULATTA EMILIA

- Fiocco dolce - MILD FIOCCO

- Gola stagionata - MATURED GOLA (THROAT)

- Bresaola della Val Parmossa - BRESAOLA DELLA VAL PARMOSSA

- Dolcefiletto della Val Parmossa - DOLCEFILETTO DELLA VAL PARMOSSA